Recessed Canopy


  • Stylish vertically finned die-cast lower heatsink and aluminum driver box above the canopy
  • Designed for optimal thermal transfer and easy installation
  • Made from low-copper marine-grade cast aluminum
  • Optical assembly designed to exceed IP66 design standards allowing for light hose-down cleaning
  • Application-specific optics maximize energy efficiency by focusing illumination on key areas and preventing wasted light
  • All-inclusive housing provides an integral wiring and driver compartment for ease of installation
  • Replaceable LED module enables future upgrades/ service for the LED light engine
  • Thermal frame technology provides state-of-the-art passive cooling in the most demanding environments
  • Choice of 16 high-brightness LED configurations with individual acrylic lenses to produce a square or round distribution for multiple applications
  • 3500K, 80 CRI; 5100K, 70 CRI